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VLOG: 5 New Capsule Wardrobe Classics

It was only a matter of time before I decided to branch into vlogging. Some (most) would argue that I’m about 4 years late to the party, but, hey, noone ever likes a keeno. My foray into the world of video can be seen below; a wee bit of advice on the five new capsule classics you need in your wardrobe for an instant update. Watch it, then scurry along to my YouTube channel to subscribe. It will make me very, very happy.

O xx

The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Blogging Part 3

The world according to my BlackBerry – a snapshot of the last couple of weeks. God, I eat too much.
Me and gorgeous Abby at House Festival at Chiswick House on Thursday night

Deskside treats from BuyMywardrobe and The Biscuit Box
MeatMarket (the glorious feeders behind MeatLiquor) delivered lunch last Friday. I ate so much I nearly passed out. I heartily recommend the mini hotdogs.
Some pandas came in to see us at work. This is not an entirely unusual turn of events. In other news, I must start wearing make-up in the office. Colleagues, I apologise for the above mess that was my face yesterday. Maybe the trousers detracted from it? *crosses fingers*
Granola with yoghurt… this was a vain attempt at health which went rapidly downhill at approximately 10.03am when I ate a mini Dime bar and half a Krispy Kreme.
A, er, floordrobe ‘tidying’ session. Note the expression of quiet desperation on my mother’s face. This quickly changed to anger. I should be embarrassed. I’m not.
Pomellato had their press day in a suite at The Dorchester – this was the terrace. Wanted to go for a little paddle but decided it wasn’t the time or the place. Shame, though.
Yes, that IS gin that comes with a tea cup. And a teddy-shaped box of truffles. I ran home to consume both of these immediately, in the bath, like a boss.
The above is proof that I shouldn’t be taken anywhere. I do like my jacket, though.
Giant candies on the pink carpet at the Katy Perry: Part of Me premiere. My friend Chika forced me to take a photo of her with Lauren from TOWIE. I’m still recovering from it now.
 Delish dinner at Pollen Street Social. Lamb and cheese on the same plate = good.

Gorgeous Jimmy Choo bag that I want! Even though I’m making it look vaguely like a sporran…

Closet Confidential: The Kardashian Sisters

Fact: I will never, ever tire of nosing around other people’s wardrobes. Unreserved thanks, then, to US InStyle, who evidently are on exactly the same page. Behold the closets of The Sisters Kardashian in all their gilded glory…

Dream wardrobe wish list:
1. An island in the centre (just the one. I’m not greedy) with drawers for lingerie and jewellery.
2. Rotating shoe closet a la Joanna Stayton in Overboard.*
3. Zebra print ponyskin rug
4. Daily fresh roses and peonies
5. More Diptyque candles than are sensible in a room of predominantly cloth.
And speaking of nosing around other people’s wardrobes, if you’re vaguely interested in what used to furnish mine, I am having a big eBay sale which you can find here. And I’ll give you a little insider tip, since I like you. The fuchsia silk-crepe Vanessa Bruno trousers are a gem of a buy.
*Seriously, how many times do I have to bring this up? Someone TAKE THE BLOODY HINT.