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LA: Wild Boys on Muscle Beach

DSCF6084When you have a birthday like the one I’ve just had, turning 30 starts to seem more and more like a really fucking great idea, as opposed to something which just happens to you while you hide under your duvet obsessively rubbing Creme de la Mer into your frown lines like some kind of demented, anti-ageing Lady Macbeth. For a start, I woke up in Beverly Hills – if you can arrange to do this on your birthday too, I would highly recommend it. My ridiculously amazing friends surprised me with a pyjama breakfast party in one of their rooms, complete with my favourite ever cake (the vanilla cream meringue cake from Cipriani, which just so happened to be downstairs in our hotel, Mr.C), bellinis, pastries, balloons, banners, sweets – even a bloody tiara. They then surprised me with an awesome convertible which we drove down to Abbot Kinney in before having lunch at So-Cal hipster hotspot Gjelina, driving to Venice and walking down the boardwalk. We then drove down the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Monica and Malibu before coming back to the hotel, getting ready and going for dinner at the legendary Chateau Marmont where we saw Paris Hilton and Marilyn Manson. Seriously. It was the birthday of champions. In your FACE, thirty. You’re MY bitch, now.

Anyway… on to the clothes. I’ve been a super-fan of Amsterdam-based brand Zoe Karssen for a couple of years now, and their lo-fi slogan sweatshirts and tees made up approximately 40% of my LA wardrobe. Their pieces have a perfect laidback California vibe and are brimming the kind of tongue-in-cheek wit that I’m a total sucker for…


Wearing: Zoe Karssen Wild Boys sweatshirt, Karen Walker Harvest sunglasses (black version here), Proenza Schouler PS1 bag (purple version here), Topshop denim shorts (similar here) and Balenciaga sandals.DSCF6157

Get in loser, we’re going shopping.


Wearing as above and London Loves LA ‘Life was tough growing up at the Chateau’ vest (white version here).DSCF6076DSCF6146DSCF6088DSCF6098

Dinner outfit… Wearing: River Island top (similar here) and clutch (similar here), vintage skirt (similar-ish here) and Sophia Webster heels.

Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 17.30.17

The Real Thing


Just before Christmas I went on a press trip to Atlanta, Georgia for Stylist. Apart from harbouring vague notions that I’d return BFFs with Andre 3000, I had absolutely no clue what I would find there. None. Well, as it happens, Atlanta is the actually the home of Coca Cola – where Dr John Pemberton first invented it as a nerve tonic in 1886. To celebrate this gargantuan event in the history of civilisation, they opened a World of Coke in said city; a whole museum dedicated to its mind-boggling omnipresence. I tasted Coke products from round the world (true story: there’s an actual beverage called Beverly that they are responsible for. That’s like calling a drink Barbara). I hugged the Coke polar bear. I had to be physically dragged from the room where they played all the 80s commercials over and over (see below – I’d still be in there now if I hadn’t been lured out by the promise of fried chicken). And then, jacked up on sugar from the tasting room, I went a bit nuts in the gift shop.


My visit was actually pretty serendipitous timing, since Coke is enjoying a bit of a fashion moment right now. Ashish’s sequinned SS14 collection was basically an ode to it (Lord knows many a designer owes alot of late nights and collection-tweaking to Diet Coke’s caffeinated wonder), and Marc Jacobs (Coke’s current Creative Director) even expressed his love of it on a sweatshirt for spring – albeit a slightly cryptic one (below as well). Never ones to miss an easy bandwagon, the high street have jumped aboard the Coca Cola truck as well.

Those who know me will understand that I mean it as a compliment when I say I love how white-trash a Coke top looks. A little bit Hickville, a little bit free-promotional-item, I think it looks best with denim cut-offs that have seen better days. Irony still rules, and if Jeremy Scott, who’s just made his creative directorial debut at Moschino, has anything to do with it, McDonald’s may well be next to enjoy some time in the haute spotlight. Anyone know where I can find a Big Mac T-shirt?
Coca Cola Fashion

1. Sweatshirt, £30, Topshop

2. Sweatshirt, £1199, Marc Jacobs at Luisa Via Roma

3. T-shirt, £785, Ashish at Farfetch

4. Vest, £19.99, Truffle Shuffle

5. T-shirt, £24.99, Shop Coke