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Du-Try: The Farm


One of the best things about Dubai (aside from the tax-free living, constant sunshine and ridiculous shopping – but I won’t bang on about that, don’t worry), is the endless array of gastro hotspots that seem to spring up in the desert on an almost weekly basis. Some cheery soul told me the other day that if something disastrous happened and we were to stop getting food imported, that we would run out in 2 weeks. I had two responses to this: one, eat everything, quickly, in the manner of preparing for the apocalypse. And two, look for restaurants that serve locally-sourced produce so if the aforementioned does happen, I’d know exactly where to make a beeline for. A cunning plan, no?


The Farm, a delightfully bucolic eaterie out in the sticks of Al Barari, was first on my list; set up almost like a retreat and looking absolutely nothing like the rest of Dubai’s glass-and-gloss veneer. Zen-like, surrounded by nature and with a strong back to basics vibe, it was nonetheless luxurious and boasted an extensive menu (on iPads, no less). In a town where organic food is gaining popularity (welcome to the 21st Century, Dubs) but can still be tricky to track down, The Farm’s dedication to it is totally welcome.

Aside from a pretty impressive Thai menu (prawn lemongrass salad, roasted duck red curry with pineapple and grape), is the hearty European offering. We tucked into tenderloin with foie gras pastie and basil mash and white chocolate creme brulee – every bit as deadly as it sounds. The live jazz was a nice backdrop to dinner but I’d imagine the airy vibe lends itself really well to a weekend breakfast that feels more like you’ve escaped to Provence rather than actually in the desert somewhere. In fact, I can’t wait to go back to try their gluten-free almond blueberry pancakes and pistachio and raspberry waffles. Yes, both of them. What? Don’t look at me like that. A girl’s gotta eat.


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The Farm, Al Barari, Opposite Falcon City (