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New Favourite Brand: A-Morir

Since ‘Go big or go home’ is one of my very favourite phrases (whether or not I live by it is incidental), and I have a soft spot for obnoxious accessories, sunglass brand A-Morir is the pinnacle of discovery for me. Gracing the faces of various trashionistas (Gaga, RhiRhi and Nicki Minaj all own a pair or two) but still relatively unknown here in Blighty, they are all custom-made and have a story behind each style. They’re named after seminal punk princesses and take inspiration from everyone from Cher and Yoko Ono to GG Allin – the most debaucherous man in rock ‘n’ roll history whose documentary ‘Hated’ I was forced to watch at age 16 will never be fully cleansed from my psyche. It lives with me now. Still, nothing quite like an obscure rock reference to make you feel cool. Add some rhinestones and you’re away…
Buy them in the UK here.