Florida: When You Wish Upon A Star
16 Jul 2013

Florida: When You Wish Upon A Star

Ok kids, here’s the deal. To celebrate

16 Jul 2013

Ok kids, here’s the deal. To celebrate my *cough* late-twenties crisis 21st birthday, and the fact that my current responsibilities are no more pressing than maintaining a job/ boyfriend/ slight wave in my hair, I bid farewell to London for a week and flew to DisneyWorld Orlando with two equally puerile pals. We laughed, we cried, we subsisted solely on brown food. We even wore our matching sequinned Minnie ears to sunbathe. I will say this in our defence, though. One simply never outgrows Disney. You’re never too old for a hug from Mickey. And it’s quite possibly the only place on earth where you can tell someone to have a magical day and not get slapped round the face for sounding like an utter twat. Sold? Thought so.


New digs.


A bit of shopping involved, obviously. The colours in the Kate Spade New York stores always put a big smile on my face, as evidenced above.


My facial expression remained like this until I conked out at the end of every day on the back seat of our SUV like a massive child.


Finding Nemo. But losing all shreds of dignity.


Always a fan of themed food.


Minnie meets Lolita.


Completely acceptable, yes?


I’m pretty sure I got in about 4 other people’s photos and made a couple of children cry to get this shot. Totally worth it though.


Guys, be cool.


Guys, I said be cool.


Oh sod it.



Guys, I just wanted to say that we’re all doing a really good job of being cool. I know it’s hard, especially with all the sugar racing round our syst…..OH SWEET LORD IT’S CAPTAIN JACK!!!!!! *kicks small child violently from path*


I challenge anyone not to shed a sneaky tear when the music plays and this is lit up… Click here for inspiration. Celine and Peabo, you little devils.


dessert party (no, really) on a terrace in Tomorrowland as we overlooked the firework display.



Cue embarrassing blubbing from three grown (ish) women.



We stayed at the Grand Floridian in the park on our last night. This dude won serious points from me for playing the Muppets theme on the grand piano in the lobby. Nice work, pal.
Haven’t done so many totally unnatural photographic poses since fashion week.


Just as an aside, my phone case, an accoutrement that would make Liberace weep with joy, has proved quite popular. It’s from Skinnydip and you can buy it here.



Getting my Ariel on, Dinglehopper and all.


Loved the Sci-Fi diner, set up in pastel convertible car booths, under a starry night canape as a drive-in movie playing Fifties sci-fi classics. See below…
The iconic Tower of Terror.



The view in Venice, The World at Epcot.


Oh hai Cinders. Or as Lucy put it; “Who’s the one in the blue?”
I despair.

Now, singalong anyone?

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