The Lazy-slash-ill Girl’s Guide To Blogging Part 4
10 Nov 2012

The Lazy-slash-ill Girl’s Guide To Blogging Part 4

My little blog needs a good dose

10 Nov 2012

My little blog needs a good dose of CPR. I’m starting this today with a quite possibly overwhelming amount of arbitrary BlackBerry pics taken over the past few months…

Mystery get well soon flowers. This has never happened to me before. Ever.
Street styled at Stockholm Fashion Week in August! Thanks to the lovely team at Varg PR for taking me :)
I sometimes lament that I will never be the sort of girl who could pull off Jeremy Scott’s special brand of 90s amazingness. This JS x Adidas Originals cage tracksuit top is one of the many reasons. Paging Riri…
Yes, that is a Christmas tree made from Laduree macarons that was sent in to the office. Pure joy.
Sophia Webster’s SS13 presentation at LFW. Life-size Barbies! I nearly passed out with happiness, as you can imagine.
My cousin’s 40th – a live swing band and an inordinate amount of food. If I look happy, it’s because I was drunk. If my brother looks unhappy, it’s because I was drunk. Good times.
Me and Rebecca from Browns at the Filippa K show in Stockholm. Fashion is a very serious business, you know.
I bought Ghostwatch on DVD for Halloween…if you don’t know, you better get to know. That’s all I’m saying.
Back to the motherland for some much-needed sun. Note to self: must get some mirrored sunglasses asap – how cool are my cousin Jo’s?
The fam.
The lobster roll at Scott’s. Not as good as Burger & Lobster but amazing desserts.
A little tea party on the outskirts of the Mayla runway in Stockholm. Very civilised – why don’t they do this in London?!
1st night holiday cocktails. Best feeling ever!
SFW buddies – Mademoiselle Robot, Tove from Varg and Victoria from InStyle
Lunch by the beach. Sigh.
Sunny brunch in Wimbledon village.
…followed by flower-buying and car-stalking.
Sticker Fashionista. I will never tire of this. Never.
Mawi’s new clutch bags – GIMME.
Nasir Mazhar’s SS13 LFW offering. This is the kind of ghetto I imagine I’m from when I tell people I’m from Croydon. Blad.
The Blondes. Nothing better than a 4 hour Saturday lunch with your mates, is there?
OH HAI back, Bee’s Bakery. These bad boys were delivered to the office and devoured in a heartbeat. You can personalise your own, too…
One of my oldest friends Mikey at his wedding a few weeks ago.¬†Doesn’t he look handsome?
Not really.
Love a good photobombing.
The amazing neon sign at the Adidas press day. Was rather miffed when I found out it wasn’t in my goodie bag.
More Jeremy Scott x Adidas goodness.
So, yeah, these were meant for Olivia Palermo but they were too small so French Sole gave them to me. No big deal.
The burger at Gaucho. The brioche bun kills me every time.
MORE neon (you can never have enough) – this time at Crazy Horse. Which, by the by, was awesome. Think this piece is by Chris Bracey…
Celine bag, Rodarte sweatshirt…I’m smiling next to Rebecca but it’s all lies. 30 seconds later I mugged her.
Mwah macarons
Brownies on a tray made of marshmallows. DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

I promise not to leave you for so long next time. xxx

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  1. Looking Fab in your forties November 10th, 2012 4:56PM

    I don’t blame you for mugging her, so would I! Mind you I might nick your bag too! Great pictures and funny captions, glad your better and hope the secret flower sender reveals themselves soon!

  2. Ellie November 10th, 2012 8:27PM

    GIVE ME YOUR LIFE! Seriously though, this is all amazing and I’m glad you’re back :)

    The French Sole slippers and Laduree tree are perfection.

  3. samuelscloset November 10th, 2012 8:34PM

    ” If I look happy, it’s because I was drunk. If my brother looks unhappy, it’s because I was drunk” LOLZ!

    Also you have a teeny-tiny waist. So jealous! xxx

  4. Beautiful Things November 12th, 2012 1:32PM

    Fantastic! You have the best turn of phrase. x