Obsessed With: Jeremy Scott

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The title says it all really, the man’s a ruddy genius. His AW11 ‘Candy Flip’ collection succinctly channels my misspent youth; afternoons spent gallavanting round Camden market dressed in Buffalo platform trainers, inflatable accessories and ‘Barbie is a slut’ slogan tees, Shampoo, Republica and Lush blasting on my Discman and cobalt hair mascara streaked through my mousy teenage locks. It was my mortifyingly-titled ‘glitter underground’ phase, and what a jolly phase it was. A big thankyou to Mr Scott for letting me relive it briefly, if only sartorially. I’ve been waiting for pink fluffy-dice fur to make a catwalk comeback.

A few more of his ultra-kitsch creations…

I loved this song so much I even managed to find a way to shoehorn it into a school assembly one morning. These ladies were the original Girl Power duo.
The last video is taken from cult 90s classic, Nowhere, which I eruditely referenced here as having been Scott’s inspiration for the AW show. It was.
*flicks hair in a self-satisfied manner.*
Images: Trendhunter and Style.com

2 Comments on "Obsessed With: Jeremy Scott"

  1. Anna March 11, 2011 at 11:12 pm · Reply

    I’m in love will all those outfits, their so creative.

  2. Lisa July 26, 2011 at 6:03 pm · Reply

    This Jeremy Scott show was really inspiring for all the 90’s lovers. Some outfits made me think about Britney early 2000 style, anyway thanks for sharing the Shampoo video!
    ps I love kitsch, that’s what my blog is about!

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