Dad Music Monday

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I’m not really one to court controversy so I hope that posting this song won’t launch a angry villager-style mob in my general direction. For those who don’t know, Dire Strait’s Money For Nothing has been just banned on Canadian radio for its use of a not-very-nice word which happens to be an anti-gay slur. Being a complete Pollyanna, I’d spent all these years listening to the censored version and thinking it was the full kit and kaboodle. Apparently it wasn’t. Thanks Dad for protecting my delicate young ears.
There’s a raucous, if slightly sarcastic, debate going on over on The Guardian’s website. Someone’s saying it should’ve been banned years ago for its sheer awfulness. I love the song, it’s a great Dad Music classic. But what do you think about the ban?

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  1. Peaches and Cream January 19, 2011 at 9:07 pm · Reply

    Listening to Dire Straits makes me feel ill.
    Seriously, when I was little I used to get really bad travel sickness and it was right at the time my dad was listening to Dire Straits so I just grew up to associate the two things in my mind.
    Ban it.

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